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About Adam Gonzales

I was born in West Texas, in Abilene, a small town where the grass meets

the desert. I've spent most of life growing up in Austin, Texas. All my life I

was in love with art and music. I love most artists, but some of my influences are Picasso, Dali, Rothko and a touch of Van Gogh, all meshed into my own style.


I mainly work in acrylics on canvas, but sometimes dabble in oils, charcoal, inks, spray paint as well as other mediums. My style? I'd hate to put it in a category, but I tend to mix modes (think Picasso meets Rothko).


I never plan out what I'm going to paint: I just tap deep into myself and pour my soul all over the canvas. As for education, I have no formal training- I've just constantly experimented, watched, studied, learned from others as well as teaching others. Even to this day, I do my own marketing, making and maintaining contacts. I'm also skilled in making paints (oils and acrylics.


This is nothing special. But I have always firmly believed that these are essential tools that every artist should have in their arsenal. I've been known to work on large canvas- "couch size", which can be an 8' by 10' high canvas.


As far as what I paint? Oh, when it comes to never know. This is just the tip of the art iceberg. Enjoy my work, and most of all...enjoy your own art work.


March 2019

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