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From our Collectors

This page is a sampling of what our collectors have purchased over the years: spanning from the 1970's until the last of 2019. Both Adam and I have been blessed by great people who love art, and these thumbnails reside in homes and offices all over the world. Let us know if we can commission something similar like the examples below for you.

"Lord of the Nightl" Gonzales 2015
"Fountain of Youth" Ackerman 2008
"Punk Rock Girl" Ackerman 2015
"Spirit of the Woodlands" Ackerman 2013
"Love, Lust & Jealousy" Gonzales 2013
"Celestial Beauty" Gonzales 2013
"Egypte" Ackerman 2008
"Rain Totem" Ackerman 2008
"White Crystal" Ackerman 2003
"Punk Rock Girl" Ackerman 2012
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